Make Basic Bread (FSS-FBP-2019-1.1)

Admin · 1 July 2020

Deep dive into our immersive course to learn how to prepare various basic breads. Learn through Digital illustrations , videos and evaluate yourself with quiz.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

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WSQ Plan

Exclusively designed course by AllSpice Institute  only for WSQ Courses offered by our Institute.


Section One: Professional Practices in a Pastry Kitchen (40 Min)

Section Two: Baking Tools and Equipment  (20 Min)

Section Three: Baking Ingredients (30 Min)

Section Four: Basic Baking Theories and Principles (40 Min)

Section Five: Preparing, Shaping and Proofing Dough (15 Min)

Section Six: Baking Bread (60 Min)

Section Seven: Reinstating Work Station (15 Min)

Section Eight: Improving Own Performance (20 Min)


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    1. Learning from Allspice Institute is more professional. The courses are more systematic and Organised.

  1. I love and enjoyed this course. Now I understand well about the basic of bread making and will bake breads that I learn from Allspice for my family. Thank you Allspice.

  2. Page 13 always repeating.. and and the update is always lagging and keep repeating… until lost track..

  3. 我真正学到揉转面团的技巧和了解什么时候的力度和断定面团的适中程度,感谢!

  4. Learning from professionals who are able to provide information and guide through the process of making bread is worth the time spent. Thank you Allspice chefs !

  5. I had a good time with my family members,learning together,how to bake a perfect bread in a short time.

  6. Thank you to our Trainer Chef Lee.
    Being so patience and calm when teaching us making basic Bread in the class. We all enjoy learning making bread with you.

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

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