Make Basic Cakes (FSS-FBP-2005-1.1)

Admin · 14 August 2020

Learn through our interactive e-learning material , how to make delicious cakes.

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Estimated Time: 4 Hours

Difficulty: Beginner

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Introduction to the course

Professional Practices in a Baking Kitchen

Baking Tools and Equipment

Basic Baking Ingredients

Basic Baking Theories, Principles and Processes

Baking Basic Cakes

Improving Own Performance


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  1. The course is interesting, trainer chef Anup is excellent in his teaching. He is very professional, patient and helpful

  2. Trainers are very skilled & understanding & patient towards teaching. Very fruitful course for my future uses. Is very beneficial indeed.

  3. I love taking up this cake baking class. Learnt a lot from here. Esp the Chef very good patient & knowledge in teaching us. Good teaching method.

  4. Chef Anup and sakthival, they professional good teaching and patient for I am slow learner. Thank. Thanks

  5. Chef anup very helpful and full of knowledge, I would like to attend more classes under his guidance

  6. The instructor was well prepared and knowledgeable.
    Instructions were clear and understandable.
    I enjoy this course.

  7. If only the trainer I had on my first day is as good as Chef Anup. Joining another class. Keeping my finger crossed for the next trainer.

    1. I have completed my e-learning. Chef Chris has been really helpful, and share some of the tips and experience generously. Thanks

  8. Could have done quiz collectively together to facilitate learning and time effectiveness and to make questions simplified.

  9. The course is fun and enjoyable.
    We r very happy to learn together. Meet new friends. Trainer Anup is very friendly, patient and professional.
    We love to attend his classes.
    Will recommend more learners to come n attend the courses.

  10. thks Chef Joan fr being such a hands-on instructor…the cakes turn out excrllent n taste sooooo delicious..

  11. The course lead by chef ambrose Poh is very detail explain, fun & interesting, we learn the correct used of equipments, the function etc, well done Allspice! I will support sooner the next course.

  12. I really enjoyed my baking lesson with Chef Anup. Well explained with a very warm smile on his face. Alot of baking tips given, which will be very very helpful😊

  13. The course is interesting. Chef Anup is a very patient and superb in his teaching. Really enjoy learning from him

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 Hours

Difficulty: Beginner

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